Herman Cain Passes Up Super Bowl Ticket for Wife

Cain says he's opting for a low key Super Bowl with his wife, Gloria.

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Herman Cain enjoys the Super Bowl as much as the next guy, but tells Whispers he turned down his buddy's offer of a trip to Indianapolis in order to take in the game at home with wife Gloria.

"I'm going to enjoy watching the game at home on my extreme T.V.," Cain says.

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The former GOP presidential candidate suspended his campaign in early December after rumors of infidelity and sexual impropriety plagued his campaign.

Cain has stayed active in the campaign though, making the rounds on political talk shows and promoting his '9-9-9' tax plan and his new buddy Newt Gingrich across the country.

While he might be laying low Sunday, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO won't be ordering the traditional pizza for the game. Cain says he makes a mean, homemade Louisiana gumbo and he plans to whip it up Sunday.

"I feel like I'm a reasonably good cook. I can make gumbo, chicken, steaks, a delicious baby back rib recipe and I cook corn bread all the time."

Maybe that's why Cain told reporters on the campaign trail last fall that he'd hoped the Secret Service would make his presidential code name "corn bread."

Cain says he's an Atlanta Falcons fan and isn't rooting for either team this year, but adds the New England Patriots have been the most consistent this season, which tends to be a good indicator of victory.

As far as Gloria goes, Cain says she's more interested in the commercials and halftime show than the kickoff, but makes good Super Bowl company nonetheless.

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