Florida GOP Says State Awash in Campaign Cash

Florida's Republican Party thrilled the state's making money off early primary .

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Mitt Romney might be the one who gets to give the victory speech after Tuesday's primary, but Floridians haven't fared too poorly during the state's winner-takes-all contest. Florida Republican Party spokesman Brian Hughes estimates the state's economy has seen an influx of up to $30 million in revenue between money spent by the Super PACs and campaigns.

"We're really happy here in Florida," Hughes says. "The money spent is good for Florida and it is all going to energize Republican activists for our big show in November."

The state saw a historic 631,000 early ballots cast and Hughes expects 1.8 to 2 million enthusiastic Republicans to vote Tuesday.

Hughes admits the Super PACs in the election have created an entirely new kind of primary in Florida, one he described as "rough and tumble."

"From our perspective, we'd love to see the candidates focus on their positive visions rather than attack one another." [See pictures of the 2012 GOP candidates.]

However, Hughes says he's not too worried that the millions spent on ads in the state will keep Floridians from rallying around the eventual nominee in November.

"We had a contentious gubernatorial primary in this state. Florida has a history of rough and tumble. That won't stop us from supporting the nominee and winning the general election."

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