Axelrod Uses First Dog in Race Against Romney

Axelrod Jabs Romney's treatment of animals.


The Obama campaign's not letting anything slide when it comes to attacking Mitt Romney. Obama campaign mastermind David Axelrod jabbed the former Massachusetts Governor for once traveling to Canada with his Irish setter tied to the roof of his car. Axelrod tweeted a photo of first dog Bo sitting with Obama on Air Force one with the caption "How loving owners transport their dogs."

[See pictures of first dog Bo.]

The tweet comes in the wake of the newest coalition for Obama "Pet Lovers for Obama" a group that's attracted more that 7,000 fans in just two days. The Obama camp says the Facebook group is "a way to share the campaign spirit of our favorite animals."

The campaign is even selling Bo magnets for $10 that feature a picture of the first pooch and read "I bark for Barack."

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