Obama Campaign: We'll Win Largest Latino Vote Percentage Ever

Obama campaign says Romney, Gingrich don't stand a chance with Latino voters.


The Obama campaign predicts that the President will not only earn a majority of the Latino vote in November, they are betting he'll win the largest percentage of the Latino vote in any presidential election to date.

The campaign claims he'll get more than the 73 percent of the Hispanic vote Bill Clinton won in 1996.

According to a recent poll conducted by the campaign, Obama earned a 72 percent favorability rating among Hispanic voters. Mitt Romney has a 28 percent favorability rating and Newt Gingrich sits even lower at 24 percent. [Ron Paul Resonates with Latino Voters in Florida.]

The campaign says Romney and Gingrich's offensive have already alienated Latino voters with Gingrich calling Spanish the "language of the ghetto" and Romney strongly opposing a comprehensive approach to immigration reform.

The Obama campaign calls Romney's rejection of the DREAM Act "more of a demagogic appeal to Tea Party voters than an attempt to formulate a responsible policy." The campaign adds that the GOP is simply on the "wrong side" of many central issues important to Hispanic voters, the fastest growing constituency in the country. [See a collection of political cartoons on the 2012 GOP hopefuls.]

Yet with months left before the election, Romney's polling well among Hispanic voters in Florida, leading Gingrich 35-20.

Obama's campaign insists that even a strong primary performance by Romney in Florida "should not be taken as a sign of growing Republican strength in the state."

Just last week, a Univision/Latino Decisions poll revealed that Hispanic voters view the economy as the most important issues in 2012, with 61 percent of the Latino voters polled saying they trusted Obama, compared to 24 percent who trust the Republicans to turn the recession around.

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