Obama Looks Presidential

With GOP soul-searching, Obama looks strong in State of the Union

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National pollster John Zogby gives President Obama a grade of A for week 158 of his presidency.

Pollster John Zogby updates our weekly Obama Report Card with a grade on the president's performance. Zogby uses his polling, expert analysis and interaction with major players to come up with a grade and some comments that capture how he sees the president's week ending.

John Zogby on Week: 158

"Obama watched the GOP search for its soul in Florida as he looked presidential at the State of the Union, talking reduced unemployment, the end of the Iraq war, and tax fairness."

Grade: A

Last week's: C

John Zogby is a veteran independent pollster and political analyst and author of The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream (Random House).

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