Leaked: Obama's SOTU Talking Points

Obama will build his speech around values.


President Obama is making a key leg of his re-election and Tuesday's State of the Union address a new focus on "American Values," according to talking points provided to Whispers.

"Most importantly, the president will call for a return to American Values—of fairness for all, and responsibility from all," say the talking points. [See 3 things missing from Obama's campaign.]

Here are the key points of tonight's speech, according to the White House:


• In a lot of ways, the State of the Union will be a bookend to the President's speech in Kansas last month about the central mission we have as a country, and his focus as President: building a country and economy where we reward hard work and responsibility, where everyone does their fair share, and where everyone is held accountable for what they do—no matter how big their bank account is.

• In Osawatomie, Kansas the President talked about how this is a make or break moment for the middle class, and about how we can go in two directions. Less opportunity and less fairness—or where the President believes we need to go: building an economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few.

• Building off of the themes of the Kansas speech, the State of the Union will lay out a "Blueprint for an America built to last." The Blueprint will be supported by four pillars: 1) American Manufacturing; 2) American Energy; 3) Skills for American Workers and 4) American Values.

• He will lay out proposals for how we'll bring about a new era of American manufacturing, with more good jobs and more products stamped Made in the USA. Proposals will include tools that will help American small businesses compete and grow.

• He will present a new era for American energy—an economy fueled by homegrown and alternative energy sources that will be designed and produced by American workers.

• The speech will include new ideas for how we'll make sure our students and workers get the education and training they need so that we have a workforce ready to take on the jobs of today and tomorrow.

• And most importantly, the President will call for a return to American Values – of fairness for all, and responsibility from all.

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