GOP on Obama: From Hope to Nope

Party launches attack on president, calling him just a typical attack-dog politician.

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Republicans today launched a new assault on President Obama, slapping him down for trading in his 2008 "hope and change" theme focused on bringing a new bipartisanship to Washington for "typical" political attacks that inspire nobody.

"Obama's re-election strategy is the furthest thing from the 'Hope and Change' he promised. Without a record to run on, Team Obama has said they plan to go negative and focus on the 'small things,'" said a Republican National Committee spokeswoman.

With a Web ad and new Internet site, the RNC is trying to get ahead of the president's long-broadcast plan to run against congressional Republicans in his re-election plan.

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In the Web ad, the RNC uses quotes from liberal media TV hosts like Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell that suggest the president is giving up his hopeful and uniting 2008 campaign theme for an attack strategy.

The ad says that the president is going negative because he has nothing to run on. It then splices in some Obama quotes in which he explains that when candidates have a poor record to defend, they switch to attacking opponents.

"In 2008, candidate Obama decried his critics for their negativity but is now prepared to run the most negative campaign in history to get reelected," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in a statement. "President Obama doesn't have a record to run on so he will tear his Republican opponent down at every opportunity to try to cover up his failed leadership on jobs. But, the American people will see through this typical politician's attacks for what they are—desperate acts to protect his own job. No amount of campaign cash will cover up this president's disastrous record on jobs and the economy. The American people are ready for a new direction in 2012—one that will include new leadership to get this economy going again."

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Democratic Party officials scoff at the charges and note that the president scored a huge victory with healthcare reform and the twin stimulus spending plans that they say saved the economy and he has led to the slow but steady growth of jobs and even housing.

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