What's Your Favorite Gun, Michele?

Bachmann names semi-automatic rifle as favorite gun.

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Chit-chatting with Des Moines' WHO-AM radio host Jan Mickelson after an interview, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann revealed she will be going pheasant hunting with U.S.Rep. Steve King of Iowa on Friday. King, a powerful conservative in Iowa politics, has yet to endorse any of the GOP presidential candidates. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum went hunting with King last week.

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Bachmann also shared a little background on her hunting history with Mickelson.

"Hey, I'm a pretty good shot," she said to the radio host after the program ended, but the C-SPAN cameras continued to broadcast. "I learned how to hunt here in Iowa from my Dad; I went through gun safety when I was 12."

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What's her favorite gun?

"My favorite gun is an AR-15, because you can be so accurate with it," she said. "And I scored the best in my class of any of the men, too, in that class. It's a rifle. I love that gun. I love it. It's a great gun."

Mickelson, a bit taken aback that Bachmann named a semi-automatic rifle, asked, "How big is your magazine?"

Bachmann laughed and replied, "You really want to know?"

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