Regular Guy Huntsman Shops Trader Joe's

Presidential hopeful goes unrecognized in store nine blocks from White House.

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Iowa and New Hampshire are a long way from the White House, but for GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, a Trader Joe's just nine blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn't any closer.

(Photo: Washington D.C. Metblogs)

A clerk at the popular and affordable grocery store at 25th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW says that Huntsman, normally accompanied by one of his daughters, makes a regular pit stop on Fridays when he returns home to Washington. But, she adds, "nobody recognizes him."

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She adds that Huntsman is engaging, "intelligent, easy to talk to" and unrushed when he visits the store and she's been encouraging customers to come in on Fridays to chat him up. "He's very nice," she says.

One thing's for sure: Huntsman is one of the few presidential candidates who shops for himself and his family.

Spokesman Tim Miller says his boss is a regular at the store known for its funky marketing, healthy fare, and cut-rate deals.

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"Yep, that's him," says Miller. "He mainly grabs snacks for the road. He loves their nut/fruit mixes and chips. And also the deals!"

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