Clinton Tells Obama: Don't Underestimate GOP

Bubba still pokes fun at Republican presidential field.

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Former President Bill Clinton is having fun watching the Republican presidential campaign. "Every week they've got a new leader," he says.

Back in Little Rock, Ark. last night for a book signing of his Back To Work, he jokes, "I really don't know enough about how their system works to be able to predict how it will come out."

But what he's seen at the many GOP debates hasn't impressed him. "It's sorta almost painful to see them all tied in knots having to renounce things they said that made perfectly good sense because now it's almost like it's an ideologically driven primary process where anything they ever said that wasn't way over on the right they have to deny," Clinton says.

"Every sensible person will change his or her mind on something during the course of a life," he says. "Everybody does. That's the thing that is almost comical watching it, they go into these debates and they almost have to turn themselves in knots. They've got some good campaigns going and they got some people with a lot of energy." [Check out the latest political cartoons]

While Clinton didn't specifically mention Mitt Romney or his old Washington nemesis Newt Gingrich, he did have some advice for Barack Obama. "My whole deal in life is never underestimate your opponent, always overestimate them, work like crazy and see what happens," he says.

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