Joe Rogan of 'Fear Factor' Endorses Ron Paul

TV bad boy also suggests voting is a waste of time.

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Rep. Ron Paul has picked up the endorsement of the baddest reality show host on TV: Fear Factor's Joe Rogan.

Back on NBC, Fear Factor is the show that puts competing couples in ugly and sometimes scary situations, like in a bed of snakes.

This week, in an interview on nationally syndicated America's Morning News, Rogan was talking up his return when co-host John McCaslin asked what scary situation would he like to put the Republican presidential candidates in.

Without hesitating, Rogan said, "the stunt would be elect Ron Paul."

Rogan called Paul "the only guy who is saying anything that makes any sense whatsoever."

Rogan might be on to something. Paul continues to surge in polls.

But Rogan added that voting might just be a waste of time in today's politics. "At this point in my life, I feel like voting for president is a lot like rooting on professional wrestling. It might make you feel better, but I'm not sure it effects the outcome that much."

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