Cain, Wife Gloria, Release Cozy Christmas Video

Cain says he's "Not Defeated, Still Dedicated."

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Herman Cain is back, this time with his wife Gloria.

The former GOP presidential campaign has just cut a new holiday video featuring families around the nation wishing viewers a Merry Christmas as the couple sit in front of a glowing fireplace, the word "Peace" on the mantle, with Gloria's hand in her husband's. Cain his shown reading the Christmas story from a dog-eared Bible in a family living room.

"Peace be with you," says Gloria Cain. "Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season from our family to yours," adds Cain as the two share flirty looks.

If the two have had any problem with the sex harassment allegations that doomed his presidential campaign, there was no evidence.

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The video is just the latest bid by Cain to keep in touch with his followers. He has been keeping himself visible by sending notes to supporters titled "Not Defeated still Dedicated" and "Brokenhearted, but not Broken." He also appeared last night on a Barbara Walters interview special.

Supporters also receive emails of his schedule of recent interviews and upcoming television appearances and hints of his future plans, like a new action plan titled "Cain Solutions" which will focus reforms to government and economic policy.

"Cain supporters, stay tuned," he writes in one email. "We're still going to get the job done. We're going to have to do it from the outside, and I will lead the way and be the people's voice."

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