Air America II: Just a Phone App

Lefties concede they can't fight conservative radio.

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Defunct Air America radio network founder Jon Sinton isn't abandoning his mission of giving liberal voices an outlet in the 2012 elections.

Sure, radio may have failed, but Sinton has a new project—an app and website he hopes will be the progressive portal to the online world. [See a slide show of the top 10 most hated news commentators.]

"We've aggregated everything—audio, video, written word—that is left of center," Sinton tells Whispers. "If you missed Jon Stewart, this will link you up. If you want to see Ed Schultz or Tom Hartman live, you can click and it will put you into their live stream."

Sinton says that conservatives have done a good job of building a platform and message and disseminating talking points to lobbyists, politicians, media and bloggers. "I give them that," he says. "They are disciplined."

Six months ago, Sinton was wondering how to leapfrog the GOP. Radio, he concedes, is impossible. "There are 40 progressive stations against 600 conservative ones," he says. "But mobile is exploding. Suddenly the radio and television shows that you can't hear in your market are on your smart phone."

The app costs 99 cents. The companion website also has continuous updates including live footage from the Occupy Wall Street protest.

"Our hope is we will make a balanced discussion possible," Sinton says. "Our hope in 2012 is that we become a resource for education. We want to be able to bring younger people into the fold, get them interested in politics and provide a wealth of information."

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