Infidelity Site Offers Cain a Presidential Salary offers a presidential $400,000 salary.

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Republican Herman Cain might have suspended his presidential campaign amid charges of sexual harassment and worse, but that doesn't mean he has to give up a presidential salary or jet-setting lifestyle. That's because the founder of, a "dating" site for adulterous married folks, wants to hire Cain as "president of American operations" with a $400,000 salary, just like the president of the United States gets.

"Oh we'd love to have him," founder Noel Biderman tells Whispers. "I can easily afford it. We will make $50 million this year."

While he doesn't expect Cain to bite, he hopes that the offer might draw attention to his website and point of view that it's better to have a quick affair with a married person than have a long-time mistress. He called long-time dating by married people "mutually assured destruction." [See a slideshow of the top political sex scandals] is the third largest dating service in the country and has 11 million members. It describes itself as the "premier adultery dating site" that caters to "people who are single or in a committed relationship and are looking for discreet dating." It is known for racy ads and for being banned from the 2011 Superbowl for proposing a sexy ad.

Said the company in a release: "He may no longer be in the running for the position of Commander in Chief but Herman Cain doesn't have to kiss his 'presidential' aspirations goodbye just yet. Cain has received a job offer he may be well suited for from extra-marital dating site Should he accept, Cain will be putting his expertise in 'ballistics' to good use as Ashleymadison's President of American Operations. As such, he'd be required to make weekly reports on the status of infidelity in America, as well as advise on PR Campaigns, and conduct media interviews. In exchange for his troubles, the former Godfathers Pizza head will receive a salary of $400,000, coincidentally the same salary he would have received as President of the United States." [See a collection of political cartoons on the 2012 GOP hopefuls.]

The site sent its request to Cain's campaign but hasn't received a response. Neither has Whispers.

Cain suspended his campaign amid charges of sexual harassment from several women. One woman, Ginger White, charged that she had a 13-year sexual affair with Cain. He has denied all charges.

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