Whispers Quiz: Would Obama Be Afraid to Debate Newt?

Gingrich scoffs at Obama's education.

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Today we add a new feature, the Whispers quiz. And with the 2012 presidential race heating up, there's no better place to start than with this question: Is President Obama afraid to debate Newt Gingrich?

The former House speaker raised this question himself this week, telling a radio interviewer that if nominated, he'd like to stage several debates with Obama in the Lincoln-Douglas style of 1860. Obama is unlikely to agree to any more than the normal three debates, however.

"How does a Columbia/Harvard graduate, who was the editor of the law review, … supposedly the best orator in the Democratic Party," Gingrich said, "How does he look himself in the mirror and say he's afraid to debate a West Georgia College [now University of West Georgia] professor?"

This poll is now closed, but the debate continues in the comments section.

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