GOP Group Sees 100 House Seats In Play

Worst case scenario still has Republicans controlling House.

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Leaders of an influential GOP "super PAC" that funds House races expects a quarter of all House seats to be in play early in the 2012 elections, but in the end Republicans will keep control, the group says.

The bosses of the Congressional Leadership Fund today said that they agree with political expert and author Charlie Cook's prediction that Democrats at most will win 15 more House seats—about 10 short of what they need to regain control.

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Former Sen. Norm Coleman, the chairman of the group, said that with congressional approval so low, it isn't surprising that the House GOP could get whacked.

"It tells you that anger is a great motivator," said Coleman. "In this environment today, that is the motivator."

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The group's president, Brian Walsh, didn't detail how much the group plans to spend in 2012 or who the money will go to, but he did say that "we want to be active." They spoke at a reporter breakfast roundtable sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

Also, the group is stepping up its focus on conservative Hispanics as it moves to broaden the GOP base and attract new candidates.

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