Huntsman Hits Sununu-Romney Tie

Jon Huntsman gives piece of mind to Gov. John Sununu after he endorses Romney.

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After former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu recently announced his endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, rival Jon Huntsman gave him a piece of his mind in an open letter.

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"Over the course of this campaign you have made it abundantly clear that you would endorse a conservative governor. However, I am surprised that you believe Mitt Romney meets that threshold," wrote Huntsman, providing a bulleted list of Romney's allegedly non-conservative positions on issues like tax cuts, healthcare, and abortion.  [Check out a slide show of GOP spouses on the 2012 campaign trail.]

Asked about the reason for the candidate's personalized response, Huntsman's spokesman Tim Miller said: "Governor Sununu's justification for endorsing Mitt Romney was disingenuous. He had been an attack dog for the campaign for months. The fact is Governor Huntsman has a strong track record of conservative governance while Mitt Romney raised taxes, signed big government healthcare, and ran away from the Republican Party."

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