Team Huckabee Eyes Branson Variety Show

Insiders say he could take the town by storm.


 Officially, Fox host and former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee plans to be in Branson, Mo., on Friday to receive "The Yellow Ribbon Medal of Freedom" from Tony Orlando during the singer's 18th annual Yellow Ribbon Salute to Veterans.

But Huck's team suggests that he will also be there to check out the possibility of having his own country music-based variety show in Nashville's kid sister city.

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Branson is home of more than 50 theaters with 100 shows and is known as the live music show capital of America. It's a highly conservative, Christian-oriented entertainment mecca that draws millions each year.

Sources close to Huckabee say the town is a perfect place for him to host a variety show—much like his weekend Fox News show Huckabee—that would draw thousands. Associates say he has no plans to quit Fox, even if he does a Branson show. [Read Poll: Fox, O'Reilly most trusted news sources.]

Huckabee, who plays bass guitar, already has a band and inroads with the entertainment community—everyone from Ted Nugent to Pat Boone, whose daughter, Debby, is currently performing in Branson.

What's more, while he's there, the Duggars, a band Huckabee is friends with, will be performing and ready to give him tips on starring in Branson's white lights.

The Orlando award has been given to former President Gerald R. Ford, the Eisenhower Family, Bob Hope, Ross Perot, Oliver North, and Sen. John McCain.

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