Sex Charges Dash Cain's Internet Buzz

'9-9-9' replaced by 'sex' and 'harassment' as buzz words.

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The love affair by Americans on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites with Republican Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 tax plan is over, replaced with concerns about sex allegations that could potentially doom his popularity and candidacy.

On a day when Cain is expected to finally fully address charges of sex harassment from four women, an exclusive social media review of millions of websites for Washington Whispers by digital marketing firm Zeta Interactive finds that blogging public is turning on Cain.

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According to the "Zeta Buzz" report done for Whispers, the month-long voter love affair with the politically untested Cain is waning. Said the report from the firm that mines over 200 million blogs and online media posts, "Cain suffered the biggest decrease in his positive tonal ranking, down from 74% to 69% positive in the past week alone. Prior to the sexual allegations, he was receiving the best tonal buzz of all candidates, second to Mitt Romney."

And while Cain saw a huge increase in the volume of online buzz, it was likely due to the harassment allegations.

The Zeta Buzz Report measures the positive and negative popularity of the candidates throughout the web and the effectiveness of each candidate's efforts across email, search, and social media.

While bad for Cain, the report found hope for Newt Gingrich, who appears poised to be the next hit among social media users. [Read Robert Schlesinger: When Cain's Not Able, Will Gingrich Be Next?]

Among the highlights from the Zeta Buzz GOP Candidate Report:

— Mitt Romney currently has the highest positive tonal rating of all candidates, remaining at a 73% positive tonal ranking since the week of October 31st. Tied for second place are Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul at a 72% positive tonal ranking. Barack Obama is suffering at only 56% positive.

—  Newt Gingrich has both the highest volume of weekly site traffic (at 271,924 total visits as of this week) and the highest increase of weekly site traffic (at +208.7%). Rick Santorum's weekly traffic had the highest decrease at 57.6% and received the lowest number of visits at 10,863.

— While Mitt Romney has the highest number of Facebook Fans (1,166,627), Newt Gingrich has the highest number of Twitter followers at 1,341,914.

—  Current buzz words associated with Mitt Romney include "front runner", "leader", and "win" while Herman Cain is associated with "allegations" and "sexual". Ron Paul is currently associated with "old", "won't win", and "insignificant".

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