The Real Story of Chelsea Clinton's Marriage

Doomed lawmaker jests that she wanted Clinton's 'first born.'

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Maybe Bill Clinton had more to do with his daughter Chelsea's wedding than the former president has revealed. [Check out U.S. News's new iPad app.]

Appearing at a Georgetown University event last Friday, former President Bill Clinton reflected on his time in the White House, his economic achievements, and the back-room deals he reached with Congress. Sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, the event also featured Clinton's former advisers and political allies, who praised the former president for eliminating the budget deficit and expanding the U.S. economy.

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One of the panelists, Marjorie Margolies, was serving her first term in Congress when, Clinton says, he asked her to cast the deciding vote for a $500 billion deficit reduction bill, which got her a lot of negative press. It "put her on the plank" to be a one-termer, Clinton admitted during his telling of the anecdote.

In return, "I asked Bill for his firstborn child," Margolies said in jest.

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Looks like Clinton paid the piper. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton married investment banker Marc Mezvinsky, Margolies's son, last year.

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