Joe the Plumber Would Vote for Herman Cain

Wurzelbacher runs for office, supports "a solid individual" for president.

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Samuel (Joe) Wurzelbacher, the man who called out Barack Obama's tax plan during the 2008 election and became the GOP's favorite plumber and its symbol for working Americans everywhere, told U.S. News's Rick Newman that he hasn't endorsed a presidential candidate yet, but if the election were tomorrow, he'd cast a ballot for Herman Cain.

"I'd vote for Herman Cain, He's a solid individual," he says.

Wurzelbacher, or "Joe the Plumber" as he's more colloquially known, has since taken politics into his own hands and is running for the House of Representatives against Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur or Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who will compete in an upcoming primary. He's not one to put on airs though, Wurzelbacher made his candidacy announcement at Tony Packo's, the Toledo bar Max Klinger used to brag about on the TV show M*A*S*H.

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True to his working-class reputation, Wurzelbacher discussed his candidacy during an interview at CNN's New York Studios--where Newman bumped into him--wearing work boots, jeans, a blue button-down shirt, and a camel jacket without a tie.

Wurzelbacher released a book, Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream, about his 2008 election escapades, but so far has sold only 4,000 copies.

"I guess that's what you get with a small press," he says.

A contracted plumber, Wurzelbacher says he's running for office, but still fixing toilets to make ends meet.

"Gotta work for a living," he says.

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