10 Jobs Created by Presidential Campaigns

Though temporary, political campaigns provide work all around the country.


Job creation is front and center this presidential election season. And as a result, President Obama and his GOP contenders have come under fire not only for the amount of jobs they did or didn't create in the past; they're also being scrutinized based on how they plan to create jobs in the future. But what about the jobs they have been creating during their campaigns? [See a slideshow of the 10 Jobs Created by Presidential Campaigns.]

Based on campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Whispers compiled a list of jobs that campaigns are creating now. Many are just temporary or contracted through firms, but with a 9.1 national employment rate, anything helps. Also, it's important to note that although candidates are vying for a public sector salary themselves, many of those employed by campaigns are part of small businesses in the private sector.

Here are just 10, of many, types of jobs created by this year's presidential campaigns:

1. Political Consultants

2. Web Developers

3. Caterers

4. Photographers

5. Security

6. Entertainers

7. Telemarketers

8. Audio Visual Specialists

9. Lawyers

10. Accountants

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