Cain Pal Boortz Leans to Romney

Boortz took his 'Honkies For Cain' sticker off his truck.

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Neal Boortz, the nationally syndicated, libertarian radio host has been friends with Herman Cain so long he can't even remember how they met.

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But he's not planning on endorsing his buddy for the GOP nomination.

"I'm still on the fence on who I'll endorse," Boortz tells Whispers. "Right now," he adds, "I'd probably have to say Mitt Romney because more people know his name than Herman Cain's. My final decision on which candidate to endorse is going to be made on one issue alone—whichever candidate has the best chance of beating Barack Obama."

Cain in the past filled in regularly for Boortz on his radio show and Boortz says Cain has some of the finest oratory skills he's seen in politics.

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"Debating against Obama would be a trip to Disneyland for Cain," Boortz says. "He's very capable."

He had some fond memories of his buddy too. Like how In 2006, when Cain was undergoing cancer treatment, Cain wouldn't abandon a promise he made to Boortz to speak at a Fair Tax Rally in front of 15,000 people.

"He had a chemotherapy belt on pumping that stuff into his system while he spoke," Boortz recalls. "It was incredible. That's just Herman."

Boortz says it's surreal to watch his long-time friend run for the highest office in the land and still can't believe the Hermanator's gone through with it.

"When he first told me he wanted to run, I was like 'Yeah OK Herman.' I didn't think he was going to do it," Boortz says. [See a collection of political cartoons on the GOP hopefuls.]

Boortz tried to convince Cain to run for governor of Georgia a few times adding that Cain would be a shoo-in, but Cain was set on running for president.

Boortz might not publicly endorse Cain, but he supports him privately. Boortz says he has a bumper sticker that reads "Honkies for Cain" on his truck, but he recently had to take it off to get some peace and quiet. [Read: Herman Cain Ramps Up, Builds More.]

"People were always honking for Cain," Boortz says."You'll see some good ol' boys with a few pigs in the back of their pickup truck sporting a confederate flag sticker on the left bumper and a Herman Cain sticker on the right."

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