How Could They? Cain Campaign Orders Domino's

Oh yes they did: Team Cain disses Godfather's Pizza just miles from Domino's

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So much for Herman Cain's pizza loyalty.

Twice given a choice to buy pizza at a Concord, N.H. Domino's or a nearby Godfather's, the pie maker once run by the candidate, Team Cain's campaign went for the competitor.

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According to campaign finance reports his team spent a whopping $850 on Domino's pizza for a New Hampshire event March 21, 2011 and another $77.55 on their pies for a meeting on Aug. 30, 2011. Unclear if Cain's favorite all-meat was included.

His campaign had no immediate comment.

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Cain is running on his record as a successful businessman and citing his success as president of Godfather's pizza from 1986-1988 as experience enough to fix the broken economy. In his new book, This Is Herman Cain!, he discusses his Godfather's years and even notes that one reason the company was failing when he took it over was because Domino's had better delivery techniques. [Read: Herman Cain Ramps Up, Builds More.]

Republican analyst Ron Bonjean, a U.S. News contributor, joked that maybe Cain's team has fallen for the new Domino's "Oh Yes We Did" campaign about their taste turnaround.

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"To be fair, there isn't a Godfather's pizza around every corner so it looks like the new Domino's ad campaign is really paying off," said Bonjean.

Update 10/18/11: Cain's campaign weighs in with a response. "We all like pizza here," says Cain Communications Director J.D. Gordon.

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