Michelle Obama as Which Woody Allen Diva?

Is the first lady a modern-day Annie Hall?

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She's starred in two TV shows, Iron Chef America and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, so maybe it's time for first lady Michelle Obama to step up to the big screen. At least that's the idea of three-time Academy Award winning writer and director Woody Allen.

He told Britain's Daybreak TV show that he'd like to get her in one of his movies. "If I was in a room with Michelle Obama and I thought she was right for a part, I wouldn't hesitate to ask her," he said.

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Allen has a record of casting political wives: His most recent film, Midnight in Paris, features a performance by Carla Bruni, the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Now we don't know if Allen already has a script or idea for the first lady. Maybe he's thinking of reprising one of his older movies with Obama as the female lead.

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The best examples might be Annie Hall, played by Diane Keaton in the sometimes awkward love story. Or Bananas, with the lead played by Louise Lasser a political activist who withholds her love until Allen's character becomes a banana republic president. How about Husbands and Wives, and the role played by Mia Farrow who, with Allen, discover faults in their marriage after their best friends announce they're separating. And finally maybe Small Time Crooks, about a loser and his wife opening a restaurant as a front to dig into a neighboring bank to strike it rich, only to witness that the cookies made by the wife, played by Tracey Ullmann, earn the duo big bucks.

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Which Woody Allen roll is best for first lady Michelle Obama?

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