Herman Cain's Plan For First 90 Days as President

Cain would replace Obamacare with 'Caincare.'


In his first 90 days as president, Herman Cain plans to replace President Obama's health overhaul law with "Caincare," institute a new "Domestic Cain Doctrine," change the cabinet into a corporate-styled executive committee, and force all agencies to justify their spending. And when all that is done, he plans to appoint his wife Gloria as head of the "Grandmommy Project" to do something related to grand kids.

"I will not come to Washington to do the usual,anticipated, accepted things. Rather, paraphrasing the time-honored words of Abraham Lincoln, I will bring the nation a new birth of freedom," he writes in his new book, This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House.

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In it, Cain lays out his first three month plan in storytelling form. At the end of a chapter busy with big and little chores, he writes, "Well, I'm just about at the elevator up to the family quarters. But bear with me for just a minute more as I confirm who I am. It's obvious: I'm the president of the United States of America!"

His plan is more show than substance. It starts with some Inaugural atmospherics. Instead of watching the parade then entering the White House to get ready for a night of balls, Cain writes that he will be "sitting at my desk in the Oval Office, because I've got a lot of work to do before I dress for this evening's festivities and I've just convened a meeting of my senior staff, one that will likely last most of the evening." In fact, he plans to cut the number of balls and instead host a series of "celebratory occasions" over his first months in office.

Sticking with the protocol side of the job, he plans to swap celebrities for "normal Americans" at State Dinners, will host monthly dinners with "average citizens," and get a copy of the Constitution on the desk of all his aides.

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He also plans to work to revive the nation. "My overriding goal, to make America whole again, is no pipe dream. In fact, it is eminently attainable. And that's because I have the will, the fire in the belly, that has been the motivating force of my journey through life so far," he writes.

There's also policy and planning. First he'll pick a Cabinet of professionals whose lives "reflect high ethical and moral values." Of the Cabinet, he writes, "my team, which in corporate-speak, I prefer to view as my executive committee."

He will also announce his "Domestic Cain Doctrine," including replacing the healthcare law with his own idea he dubs "Caincare." He said it "entails formulating a compassionate approach to providing the best possible diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care for Americans of all ages."

And if he has a chance to pick a new Supreme Court justice in his first 90 days, he will pick one that is conservative. [Read: In New Book, Herman Cain Says Obama Plays the Race Card.]

Federal departments will also get the Cain treatment. "We're going to do some vertical deep dives," he writes in a warning to agency heads. "We're going to look within your organization. We want you to justify the cost. What we want you to do is ask about everything: Is it still in the best interests of the country?"

And at the end of the three months he'll turn to his wife's role. "Gloria wants to come up with a 'Grandmommy project,' something to do with the children. As she has told me, 'I don't know what it's going to be but it will be something relative to grand kids.'"

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