No Fancy Garden-To-Kitchen Chute for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was wowed by one on Extreme Home Makeover


Michelle Obama, the White House gardener-in-chief and resident foodie, was clearly wowed recently  while helping out on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, star Ty Pennington install a tube like those banks use at drive-up tellers to shoot veggies from a garden to the kitchen.

But despite her excitement, she's not going to have one dug on the South Lawn linking the White House to her veggie garden. "I know she did like it," said White House curator William G. Allman, "but the White House garden is a long ways from the kitchen."

He adds that while the Obamas prefer modern style interiors, the kitchen hasn't undergone any drastic make overs to accommodate the first lady's healthy cooking push. "It's widely known that she uses fresh vegetable from her garden for meals and fresh honey from the bee hive, but so far she hasn't needed any new equipment for healthier eating," says Allman. [See photos of Michelle Obama.]

He spoke to Whispers during an advanced showing of an exhibit of 95 White House objects of historical note. The exhibit is called "Something of Splendor: Decorative Arts from the White House," and is at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

The exhibition was organized in honor of the 50th anniversary of the White House Historical Association which funds acquisitions of historic furnishings and artwork for the White House permanent collection and assists preserving the public rooms.

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