Koch Brothers Get Conservative Media Support

Media tug of war over how the corporate titans are covered.

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Koch Industries, the huge energy and paper goods company privately owned by Charles and David Koch, is bracing for more media criticism, which insiders attribute to the brothers' backing of the Tea Party and conservative and libertarian causes.

On the heels of a critical report on Bloomberg TV's Game Changers  show in June, firm insiders say that Bloomberg Markets Magazine is outlining an article the probes several old environmental and international controversies the company has been involved in. [Read: Team Obama Slams Koch Brothers for 'Mother of All Wars' Quote.]

One of those interviewed by Bloomberg for the upcoming article said the firm received four pages of single-spaced questions, all dealing with old trade and environmental problems and issues the company says it has fixed. None were about the firm's politics or the Koch brother's support for conservative causes, though the firm believes that is the focus.

While critical stories of Koch are nothing new, efforts by some in the conservative media and company supporters to launch a pre-emptive defense are unusual. Two conservative media outlets over the past two weeks reported that the firm is concerned that the Bloomberg story could be another slam at its right-leaning politics. [Check out political cartoons about the GOP.]

The Washington Examiner's editorial page editor Mark Tapscott recently reported that a friend of his, a former U.S. government official, was questioned about the Kochs' involvement with the Tea Party. "It looks like another hit piece against Charles and David Koch is coming," wrote Tapscott.

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The Daily Caller followed up with a similar story.

"We seem to be getting a lot of attention from journalists, maybe just because of the Kochs' political activities," said one insider.

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