In New Book, Herman Cain Says Obama Surrogates Play Race Card

Wants his Secret Service code name to be Cornbread, swears off Inaugural parties.

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In his new presidential manifesto due out next week, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain charges that President Obama's surrogates often use the race card to cover for Obama's failings.

In This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House, Cain, an African-American, writes, "While I don't believe that Barack Obama used racial issues to get elected, I do believe that many of his supporters selectively use race to cover up some of his failures. Whenever President Obama is criticized over policy mistakes, his surrogates tend to play the race card, as if there's supposed to be something inherently morally wrong in such criticism." The book was provided to Whispers today.

Cain has taken note recently of comments about Obama's critics in the Tea Party by black actor Morgan Freeman, who has suggested that the smaller government advocates are racist. [Vote: Herman Cain vs. Morgan Freeman: Is the Tea Party Racist?]

The Atlanta politician who won the weekend Florida GOP straw poll says that the media and Democrats use a double standard in race politics, believing that he shouldn't criticize another black. "This kind of double standard has no place in America," writes Cain.

His book is a fast trip through his life and explanation of his successful leadership style displayed at several firms including Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Burger King, and Godfather's Pizza. [Read: Herman Cain Would Have Dethroned Burger King Sooner.]

He writes about his obsession with the number 45 and reveals that he already has a nickname for the Secret Service to use if he's elected president: "cornbread." He tells of how he used to use that as his CB radio handle.

While many of his positions are known to those who have watched the GOP presidential debates, he lays out a new agenda for his first 90 days in office. Starting with his Inauguration Day, Cain writes that he will have only one Inaugural Party because he needs to spend the rest of the day getting to work. "I was sworn in at high noon. Now I'm sitting at my desk in the Oval Office, because I've got a lot of work to do before I dress for this evening's festivities and I've just convened a meeting of my senior staff, one that will likely last most of the evening," writes Cain. [See who's in and who's out of the 2012 GOP race.]

The self-described "CEO of Self" promises that his staff will have "high ethical and moral values" and will be required to keep a copy of the Constitution on their desk. State dinners, he says, will be events filled with "normal Americans" instead of celebrity guests. He will organize his Cabinet like an executive board committee. "I'm all about challenging the status quo," he writes.

His book ends with a section devoted to laying out his policies on everything from Afghanistan to healthcare reform.

And he added an appendix titled "Barack Obama: A President in Denial" in which he assails what he sees as anti-business policies. "This president is in denial that many Americans see his policies as redistributing individuals' assets. He's in denial about what the American people really want. He mistakenly thinks that the American people want what he wants, a government-controlled, socialistic America. In 2012, the American people will with their votes show Mr. Obama that his assessment is very wrong."

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