Cain Would Have Dethroned Burger 'King' Earlier

Former burger boss and presidential candidate never liked King mascot.

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Burger King mascot and Herman Cain

President Obama isn't the only "king" GOP presidential candidate and former Burger King and Godfather's pizza executive has it out for. He also wanted the mascot of Burger King dethroned long ago.

"I never liked that mascot," says Cain, the chatty conservative candidate who was a vice president of Pillsbury's Burger King division 30 years ago.

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Now he's applauding the hamburger and milkshake chain's decision to kill the king mascot. "It didn't break my heart when I found out Burger King was dropping him," said Cain.

The King made his first debut in 1955 as a sketch, evolving throughout the years from a kid-friendly cartoon into a sarcastic, trouble-making waxy figurine featured in Super Bowl ads. Some parents complained that the mascot scared children. [See a collection of political cartoons on the 2012 GOP hopefuls.]

Burger King has discontinued the mascot and hired a new ad agency, McGarryBowen, to handle its marketing. The ad firm's known more for creating classic food ads featuring products rather than mascots or gimmicks. The firm released an ad of Burger King's new California Whopper, which depicted the slicing and dicing of fresh ingredients without any mention of a king.

Herman Cain says he supports a more conservative approach.

"I am no longer involved in the company, what I think does not matter, but I have never liked that mascot so my response is what ever they do in the future will be an improvement."

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