Obamas Shop at Store Selling $268 Denim Shorts

Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey shop at the same store as Obama's kids.


The women of the first family continue to set fashion trends that have a big impact on what women and kids are wearing around the nation. Their latest find: A popular store on Nantucket Island that sells denim shorts for $268 and jeans made of beautiful scarves for $498.

The store, Cheryl Fudge, is a fave of Oprah and has praised first lady Michelle Obama's fashion flair. [Read Obama Gets Back to R&R.]

In fact according to their site, Cheryl Fudge is favored by many celebrities. Her site says, "In 2002, Cheryl Fudge left New York when she found a niche on Nantucket by transforming vintage Gucci and Chanel scarves into quirky-sexy halters favored by celebrities like Julia Roberts and Fergie."

The first daughters, Malia and Sasha, were spotted in the store yesterday, according to the Cape Cod Times. The first family is vacationing on nearby Martha's Vineyard.

Cheryl Fudge's fashion sense jives with the first lady's, in that they both prefer lots of color and scarves. [See photos of Michelle Obama.]

Featured on her web page, for example, is a scarf dress for $388. She also makes baby clothes, including a cute "onesy"  for $35 and a kid's hoody for $68.

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