GOP Hits Obama with Vacation-Themed 'Debt Watch'

In new gag, GOP offers 'Obama Debt Watch.'

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In another assault on the vacationing president, the Republican National Committee today is combining its concern for the rising debt and the sounds of Martha's Vineyard in a new "Obama's Debt Watch."

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Offered up as a bookmark or app for portable phones and computers, it displays a running debt clock and a picture of a sandy Martha's Vineyard beach. There's even the sound of waves lapping the shore.

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Whispers was given an advance look at the app which reads: "Get Your Free Obama Debt Watch. The Obama Debt Watch widget keeps track of the Obama Administration's total national debt. The widget is updated daily, and best of all, it's free! Simply cut/paste the code into the body of the HTML code of the page where you'd like the widget to appear." You can find the code is in the Web link.

The snarky effort follows a group of 18 presidential vacation post cards with made up Obama quotes on them that supporters were encouraged to send. A GOP spokesman said that 66,000 have been downloaded.

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