Perry Leads in Louisiana, Second in Missouri

Perry gains traction in areas where he hasn't even campaigned.

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The Rick Perry express is having an impact in sections of the country the Texas governor hasn't even visited in his week-old presidential campaign. Polling provided to Whispers shows him beating Mitt Romney by a wide margin in Louisiana and nearly tied in Missouri, two critical battleground states. [See a collection of political cartoons on the Tea Party.]

The polling by Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research is the first at the state level to backup a new Rasmussen poll that puts Perry in the lead of the gaggle of 2012 Republican hopefuls.

Asked who they would vote for today in the GOP primaries, 30 percent of likely Republican voters in Louisiana, which borders Texas, picked Perry. Bachmann came in second with 16 percent and Romney at 15 percent. [Check out our editorial cartoons on the GOP.]

In Missouri, Romney led with 25 percent, chased closely by Perry at 22 percent and Bachmann at 13 percent.

At the bottom of both lists, at two percent or below, were Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum.

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