Why Palin, Bachmann Have Plenty of Time for Their Kids

GOP pollster defends GOP mommy candidates.

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Among the many ways Sarah Palin was hit in the media during her 2008 vice presidential bid—criticism now spilling on to current presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann—was that she should forget politics and make time for her kids.

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GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway has an answer for those who think Palin, Bachmann, or other women with children don't have enough time to raise them while serving in public office.

"As far as I can tell, she doesn't have a boyfriend. So right there it frees up like 15 extra hours a week," she says of Palin, with a swipe at the parade of male politicians caught in affairs. [See photos of Palin's east coast bus tour.]

"And she doesn't play golf," adds Conway. "That's like seven hours every Saturday, eight hours every Sunday because there's always a brunch involved. I just gave her 30 extra hours a week. These kids will be fine."

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