Washington Post Copies, Then Slaps Drudge

Weather editor lectures Drudge readers over profanity, name-calling.

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The Washington Post is trying to have it both ways when it comes to the Drudge Report.

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Today their Capital Weather Gang blog screams a Drudge-like headline: "Shock Forecast: NOAA predicts heat index of 116 in Washington, D.C. Friday." Underneath is a map shaded purple, pink and yellow, which represent the highest temperatures on the map index.

In the comment section, they then slap Drudge and his readers, presumably expecting that their Drudge headline will draw Drudge news consumers.

"Welcome Drudge report readers," writes Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang. "Please comment respectfully and note discussion policy link above. No profanity, name-calling, etc. Thanks very much for visiting. - Jason Samenow, Capital Weather Gang chief meteorologist."

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Some readers weren't happy with the snarky lecture.

"McTex" wrote: "Jason - shouldn't your post be directed to Washington Post readers? I do believe that's what website this is. And isn't it pretty arrogant of you to ONLY make this ask of Drudge readers? Do you judge Drudge readers differently than you do other readers, such as Washington Post readers? Apparently you do!" 

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