GOP Boss Urges More Runners for 2012 Race

Though pleased with Obama's challengers, Priebus says all are welcome. But act soon (hint, hint).

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says it's not too late for more GOP presidential candidates to get into the race to take on President Obama. While satisfied with the current crop of candidates, he says that the GOP "absolutely" welcomes more.

Without mentioning the two most prominent GOPers looking at running—Sarah Palin and Texas Gov. Rick Perry—he says, "I don't think that there's a real timeline here. There's no panic button on setting the field. I think there's time."

But not forever. "I would expect though by Labor Day the field will be set and we'll be off to the races."

Some Republicans worry that the current presidential candidates, led by Rep. Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney, can't beat Obama.

Priebus, however, said he's a fan of the 2012 group already in the race. "I think we've got a great field right now. Certainly if you look at the polling, we're beating the president in a general ballot and in some polls even head-to-head with some candidates."

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