Add Wesley Clark to Biden Alternatives for VP

Could there be room for the four-star general in the Obama administration?


Remember Wesley Clark, the former NATO supreme allied commander and 2004 presidential candidate? His pals still lament that President Obama didn't pick him as a running mate in 2008 or find the retired four-star general a choice cabinet spot. Lately, Clark has been appearing more often on CNN as a military analyst and ramping up his social media presence. (He has 132,000 Twitter followers.)

That has allies suggesting he's angling to be among those Obama might consider if he dumps Vice President Joe Biden or to fill Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's post—or even defense secretary or United Nations ambassador—in a second Obama term. "It's a waste of brilliant talent," a Clark associate tells our Suzi Parker.

The White House has recently rejected talk that Obama would consider replacing Biden in a move to boost his popularity and recharge his administration as the president prepares for the re-election campaign. And it's unclear what greater help Clark would provide Obama, who already has in Biden a trusted foreign policy adviser.

But it's a different story in the cabinet, where Clark could provide able foreign policy advice as Clinton's replacement, calling on his diplomatic skills during his days in the military. However, some insiders suggest that Sen. John Kerry has the edge as Clinton's successor.

He's also be a good fit at the Pentagon should Leon Panetta be a short-term secretary, say associates.

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