Hill Dems MIA for Obama's Twitter Town Hall

Not a single Senate Democrat quizzed the president.

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House and Senate Democrats went MIA for today's Twitter town hall hosted by President Obama. Of all the tweeted questions from Capitol Hill lawmakers to the president, 77 percent came from Republicans with just 23 percent from Democrats, according to a quickie analysis by OhMyGov Inc. Not a single Senate Democrat quizzed the president.

"Tweets were mostly sent from the Republican side of Congress (77%). With one exception (Sen. Orrin Hatch), all members were representatives and not senators," said the report provided to Whispers.

The political imbalance helped to push the questions in the direction of unemployment, jobs and the federal budget. For example, overregulation was the fifth most tweeted issue from Capitol Hill. [Read more about national debt and the deficit.]

Jobs also took the top spot of tweets to Obama from the public, but by a lesser percentage.

Looking at congressional tweets, OhMyGov said: "Overwhelmingly, the top issues tweeted by members of Congress had to do with job creation (41%) and the federal budget (9%). A large percentage of tweets were simply promoting the Townhall event to constituents (21%). The budget (10%) and energy & oil (8%) were the third and fourth most popular issue tweeted by Members. The Economy (8%) and small business growth (8%) were also tied for fourth. Overregulation of business (5%) took fifth place. Iran (3%), the national debt (3%), education (3%), and women's rights (3%) were tied as the 6th most prevalent topics."

As for the public, the analytics company said, "Jobs was clearly the most popular question topic, with 11.5% of tweets focused on something having to do with job creation. The economy was second to jobs in popularity, with 6.6% of all tweets containing the word economy. Taxes (5.25%) and the federal budget (3.4%) were also major concerns of participating tweeters, as was oil dependence (1.11%), the federal deficit (1%), education (1%), gas prices (0.89%), Libya (0.75%), and the debt ceiling (0.74%). Marijuana legalization questions were also very popular (0.85%), and twice as popular as issues about healthcare (0.39%), gay marriage (0.38%), immigration (0.37%), and Iraq (0.41%)."

Read the analysis here.

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