Ed Henry's Fox Move Could Result in Murdoch-Obama Dinner

In shift to Fox, CNN reporter could set up tete-a-tete.


Outgoing CNN White House reporter Ed Henry brings more than his experience and reputation as a straight-shooter to the Fox News Channel. He could end up bringing President Obama together with either Fox boss Roger Ailes or Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch for three hours at an upcoming three-hour-long White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

Here's the deal: The popular Henry, who this week announced he was leaving CNN to be Fox's White House correspondent, is the new vice president of the White House Correspondents' Association which hosts the most important journalism dinner of the year, usually in late April. As vice president, he's slated to become president for the 2013 dinner.

That will be a big year because either Obama will have just been reelected or a Republican president will be the guest of honor.

Typically, the president of the group invites one of their bosses, and the president sits between the two newsies. Henry's not talking, but considering the high profile of the Fox chiefs, it's likely that he'd ask either Murdoch or Ailes to join him and the president at the main table on stage.

That could set up a very awkward meeting if it's Obama, who will surely be the target of Fox commentators like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. The trio of Obama, Ailes, and Murdoch held a secret meeting in 2008 where Obama blasted the cable network for its portrayal of the then-Illinois senator. According to Vanity Fair, the trio agreed to a truce.

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