Bachmann Amps Up Her Fashion Flair

Even lip gloss matters when running for president.

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Rep. Michele Bachmann has always been popular on the speaking tour, but now as she readies her bid for president, little things like lip gloss and fashion matter as much of the country gets its first look at the Tea Party fave and lone woman in the race.

Just consider last weekend's 2011 RightOnline Conference in Minneapolis. Before stepping on stage to speak, the Republican realized she needed a touch of lip gloss but didn't have any. Her new spokesperson, Alice Stewart, who worked for former Gov. Mike Huckabee's 2008 presidential campaign, saw an old friend from Arkansas, Elizabeth Aymond, and asked for hers. "We thought she might need a little touch-up," Stewart says. "Elizabeth whipped out her lip gloss and off she [Bachmann] went."

But don't call Bachmann a prima donna. "She is so focused on her speeches that it's the little details [like lip gloss] that you don't think about."

The shade: Bare Minerals "Wild Honey."

That's just one of the touches Bachmann has added to her arsenal as she's readied her uniquely feminine bid for the presidency.

Pierce Mattie, fashion beauty public relations firm owner, says Bachmann and her look are good for the GOP. "It's a good fad for that political party to have, as it's informal, feminine, and well groomed," he tells our Suzi Parker.

Mattie praises Bachmann's fashion sense over the past few months as she has "considerably amped up with colorful polished suits revealing an edge of female flair." He adds, "Plus it's great to see a political candidate who does not wear her hair in a bun or hide her smoldering eye shadow with oversized spectacles, much like what has become the cartoonish beauty treatment of Sarah Palin."

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