Weiner Had Worse Web Buzz Than Other Scandal Figures

Sexting congressman last in internet support behind even BP chairman.


Maybe ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner needed to text raunchy chat and X-rated photo to get friends on the Internet, because a new review of his social media buzz puts him dead last behind other scandal figures like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Eliot Spitzer, and former BP CEO Tony Hayward. [ Read: Democrats Tired of Weiner Distraction]

"In monitoring the buzz around Anthony Weiner in recent months, the congressman has never enjoyed positive tonal rankings," said Al DiGuido, chairman of Zeta Interactive, a New York digital marketing company that mines more than 200 million blogs, tweets, message boards and social media posts to determine buzz and tone on a subject. "The events of recent weeks have definitely done even greater damage to an already negative brand image. Weiner has the dubious distinction of being a personality that has the lowest tonal ranking amongst the recent crop of individuals who have had their own share of personal and/or business related problems in recent months. As an elected official he ranks below Elliott Spitzer in terms of tonal ranking." [ Read: Little Evidence Weiner Broke Law in Twitter Photo Scandal]

No matter how you spin it, says Zeta, Weiner wasn't liked by bloggers and social media users before the scandal and now he's generally hated.

Here's the Weiner download Zeta just sent us:

While Anthony Weiner's online buzz was never positive—registering just 40% positive/60% negative tone before the scandal—the scandal has continued to put his online buzz in an even more dramatic downward spiral, and currently places it on the levels of some of the most infamous celebrities and politicians of the past few years. Take the following data points for example:

  • In the 10-day period after the scandal first broke (from 5/27 through 6/7), Weiner buzz had plummeted by 24%, dropping to 16% positive/84% negative.

  • As of today, Weiner's buzz continued to decline even worse than it had on 6/7, and is currently registering at just 14% positive/86% negative. All in all, this is a 26% drop in tonal buzz from his pre-scandal mark—which, at 40% positive—was never very strong to begin with.

  • While Weiner's tonal buzz has plummeted, the volume of his online buzz has skyrocketed (not surprisingly), with the average daily volume of posts about Weiner increasing by more than 278 times that of his pre-scandal volume buzz.

  • Putting Weiner's 14% tonal buzz ranking in perspective, here is how it stacks up to other infamous pop culture figures and politicians who have dealt with scandal over the past few years. Weiner's 14% positive tonal ranking is worse than even the most scandalous figures on this list, including Tiger Woods and former BP CEO Tony Hayward:

Anthony Weiner

  • Pre-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 40% positive/60% negative
  • Post-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 14% positive/86% negative
  • % Change: - 26%

Tiger Woods

  • Pre-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 91% positive/9% negative
  • Post-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 46% positive/54% negative
  • % Change:- 45%

Lance Armstrong

  • Pre-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 86% positive/14% negative
  • Post-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 58% positive/42% negative
  • % Change: - 28%

Elliot Spitzer

  • Pre-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 72% positive/28% negative
  • Post-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 27% positive/73% negative
  • % Change:-45%

Tony Hayward (Former CEO of BP)

  • Pre-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 80% positive/20% negative
  • Post-Scandal Tonal Buzz: 36% positive/64% negative
  • % Change: - 44%

It's also interesting to note the cluster word analysis which defined Weiner before the scandal and after the scandal. Prior the scandal, among the most popular words and phrases used to describe Weiner online were related to his political career such as "Democrat", "Congressman" and "Press". However, over the past three weeks, scandalous words such as "Admitted", "Weinergate" and "Lewd" have been among the most commonly used to describe Weiner online.

Here is breakdown of the most common words and phrases used to describe Weiner before the scandal and after the scandal. Note the only word which was used to describe him both before and after the scandal was "Women".

  • Pre-Scandal Cluster Words: "Democrat", "Congressman", "Run", "Press", "Women"
  • Post-Scandal Cluster Words: "Admitted", "Lewd", "Weinergate", "Scandal", "Twitter"

Zeta's online media mining technology which we used to do the Anthony Weiner searches is called Zeta Buzz. Zeta Buzz mines the online media landscape (more than 200 million blogs, Tweets, message boards, social media posts, etc.) to determine the buzz about a given subject. Using a scientific algorithm, it's able to measure the volume and tone of conversations across the social media landscape.