Anthony Weiner's Sassy Twitter Pals

OhMyGov says Weiner tweeted late, sometimes on his Blackberry.

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A new review of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter use finds that he regularly messaged women with online names like “sassbutt,” “38-28-38,” and “PolitiBitch,” and often tweeted on weekends and late at night when many users relax their standards, according to the digital analytics firm

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“In analyzing @repweiner’s twitter usage, some interesting patterns emerged. While the congressman spent the majority of his tweeting time during the weekdays, he continued to tweet a fair amount on the weekends, potentially exposing himself to the type of casual behavior that led to his June 6th admission of guilt,” said the report, provided to Whispers, in a reference to the New York Democrat’s admission of sending pictures, some X-rated, of himself to women he met online. [Check out the month's best political cartoons.]

“The congressman also had a habit of sending late-night tweets from his Twitter account. Although the majority of tweets were sent out during the day, 18% of tweets were sent after 7 p.m. at night, including the infamous tweet to @gennettenicole containing a picture of Rep. Weiner’s crotch, which went out at 23:31 (11:31 p.m.),” added the report. [Vote now: Should Weiner resign over lewd photos?]

“Part of the danger of using social media, as Rep. Weiner will attest, is that a thoughtless comment can go viral and be spread around the world within a matter of minutes. As such, patterns of behavior in using social media can be an indicator of what the user’s intentions are, or in this case, were. During daytime hours, one would expect more professionally-focused information to be communicated via Twitter, irrespective of whether you are a Congressman or consultant. But at night, as people let their guards down, tweets will typically become more casual,” said the report.

And while Weiner said that he didn’t engage in the lurid photo sharing on his Blackberry, OhMyGov found that he did use the phone to tweet during the day. [Read Marshall: Rep. Anthony Weiner Joins Bipartisan Ranks of Stupid Men.]

“Tweets were mostly sent from the Twitter website (64%) and from the congressman’s Blackberry (33%). One percent of tweets were sent via Yfrog, Tweetdeck, and Twitter buttons, respectively,” said the analysis.

See the full report here.

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