Does Mitt Romney Hate the Boston Bruins?

Hockey fans hold hope Mitt will attend tonight's Game 3 in Boston.

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Twenty-one years is a long time for a storied NHL hockey team like the Boston Bruins to wait to get into the Stanley Cup finals, but it's not even been a blip on the screen of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor. That's caught the eye of at least one hockey blog that decries Romney's "Bruins apathy."

PuckBuddys, a gay blog about hockey, reports that it conducted an extensive search via Google and Factiva for any Romney mention of the Bruin's dramatic run to its first Stanley Cup Finals appearance since the 1989-1990 season and came up empty, somewhat unusual for a candidate who likes the sport and peppers his interviews with references to current culture, like American Idol.

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Even Sarah Palin talked up the Bruins and the Red Sox during her New England bus tour.

"Does Mitt love Canada?" the site sarcastically asks in an apparent reference to the other team in the finals, the Vancouver Canucks. "Not so much as a single hockey-related tweet is in his time line going all the way back to the beginning of the B's historic season--no comment on the Chara hit, nothing on hot rookie Tyler Seguin, and not a single word on Tim Thomas' monster season between the pipes," reports the site, which has written on the hockey-ness of other presidential candidates, like Tim Pawlenty. [Vote now: Who is your pick for the 2012 GOP nomination?]

PuckBuddy's co-editor Craig Brownstein, a rabid Washington Capitals fan, looked back at Romney's days as governor. "He apparently didn't take in a single Bruins game while governor," says Brownsteinm, whose site is closely followed by the hockey press.

But, he holds out hope. "Maybe Mitt will surprise the hockey world and attend tonight's Game 3 in Boston," says Brownstein.

From the site: "Romney presided in the State House from 2003-2007, but we can't seem to find any record of him rooting for the home team there. If campaign officials can provide any documentation to the contrary, we'll issue a correction, but inquiries to Romney's spokesman have gone unanswered." Whispers also tried, but the campaign passed on commenting. [Check out a roundup of political cartoons on the GOP 2012 contenders.]

The site does give Romney creds, however, for being a hockey fan and former coach. It notes that he was a manager of his Michigan school varsity hockey team. "That counts for something in our book." Plus, it notes that Mike Eruzione, the captain of the 1980 Olympic U.S. hockey team, dubbed "Miracle on Ice" for besting the Soviets to win the gold medal, is a supporter.

Other Bay State politicians get the slapshot treatment, with the site checking Sens. John Kerry and Scott Brown for not heralding the Bruins with any of the traditional political bets with Vancouver politicians.

And don't even get them going about President Obama's failure so far to attend any Washington Capitals games.

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