Clinton Still Trumps Weiner, Edwards, in Sex Scandal Sales

Weinergate and John Edwards don't come close to Bubba.


Sex sells, but when it comes to turning a political scandal into cold hard cash, the current Weinergate is proving to be just a weenie when compared to the mother of all affairs, the Clinton-Lewinsky episode.

According to, the go-to site for customizable merchandise, stuff referencing former President Clinton's decade-plus-old affair with Monica Lewinsky remains a sales leader despite recent headlines about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child, Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter sex scandal and John Edward's indictment.

Bubba sales account for 66 percent in the "political scandal T-shirt sales" category, says Cafe Press which features dozens of items from T-shirts to pins and coffee cups featuring the affair for which Clinton was impeached. [Read: PR pros say Weiner is bungling the Twitter sex scandal.]

Next, at 13 percent, are items about Edwards's love child, followed at 8 percent by former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's affair with an Argentinian bombshell and then, at 7 percent, by former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's appetite for hookers. Last is Schwarzenegger at 4 percent.

Surprisingly, the Twitter photo scandal involving New York Democrat Weiner hasn't dented the rankings yet, though goods made by others and offered for sale on the popular merchandising site are starting to show up like this bumpersticker: Don't Text My Junk. [Check out a roundup of this month's best political cartoons.]

Below is the sales pie chart provided to Whispers from
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