Fox Host on Common at White House: Now's Not Time to Rhyme

Gerri Wills poetically suggests Obama stick to bigger issues.

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When word got out that vulgar rapper Common was going to perform at last night's White House poetry event, Republicans seethed that President Obama was featuring a singer who called for the death of former President Bush. Police, in town for several events surrounding National Police Week, decried Common's song about a cop killer.

But at Fox Business Network, host Gerri Willis took a much different tack last night. She didn't focus on any one star or the Common controversy in her poetic criticism, and instead looked at all the problems facing the nation and simply said: "Of all the pressing issues right now, I don't think poetry should be one of them."

At the end of her Willis Report, which airs from 5-6 p.m., she used a little rhyming of her own to wish that Washington pay more attention to the deficit, debt, unemployment, and gas prices than gathering to celebrate poetry.

Here's the poem:

Finally tonight, President Obama is hosting a poetry event at the White House. Of all the pressing issues right now, I don't think poetry should be one of them.

There's jobs of course, unemployment is high, and the economy's not healing, don't even mention the debt ceiling.

There's no deal on a budget, even with Joe Biden, and news today that the trade deficit widened.

You step in and block Boeing from a plant in South Carolina, but hey, at those jobs aren't going to China.

Gas prices skyrocket, a big bite out of our pocket, but Drill Baby Drill is not on your docket.

The dollar is diving, I remember it thriving. So many are Americans are barely surviving.

Our kids are not learning and our schools, they're so yearning. Mr. President, our future we must not be spurning.

Of this we cannot ignore, and that is my two cents more.