Supreme Court Justices Want to Keep Doors Open to Public

Stephen Breyer wanted to leave the doors to the high court open to visitors.


They fight about everything at the U.S. Supreme Court. Even the doors to the building. It used to be that visitors could walk up the white marble steps to the main double doors under the words “Equal Justice Under Law” to enter. Now security sends visitors to a lower level to enter, though they can still exit from the big doorway on the main floor. Well, Justice Stephen Breyer recently told Congress that there was a tug of war over the issue and his side lost. “We don’t always agree. I thought we should have left it open,” he said. But Breyer holds out hope that the majority decision will be overturned in time. “Eventually things will calm down, I hope, and eventually, at that time, the security needs may diminish. And eventually, at that time, I hope it will be possible for every American to walk into that plaza, walk up the steps under Equal Justice Under Law, and walk into the building.”

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