Poll: Americans Fear Japanese Radioactivity

They also are concerned about economic troubles hitting Wall Street.

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The radioactive disaster on Japan's coastline that followed an earthquake and tsunami has Americans on edge. According to the latest Whispers poll, 42.9 percent say that of all the fallout from the earthquake and tsunami that's claimed 11,000 lives so far, the possibility of radioactivity reaching U.S. shores is the most alarming.

A second big worry from the March 11 crisis is that the hit Japan's economy took will sock Wall Street, though the market has recovered from an initial jitter. Some 34.9 percent cited the possibility of troubles on Wall Street following the earthquake in our poll conducted April 8-12 by Synovate e-Nation. [See photos of the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami.]

Men and women had different views. For women, 46.4 percent said radioactivity concerned them more than money issues. For the men, there was less than a 1 percent difference between worrying about radioactivity and financial disaster.

The other choices, that Tokyo will demand and get U.S. aid, the possibility of difficulties in finding Japanese electronics, and potential price hikes of Japanese cars, came in far behind the top two.

What is your biggest concern with the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami?

Radioactivity will reach U.S. shores 43%

Japan's economic troubles will hit Wall Street 35%

Tokyo will demand and get U.S. aid 14%

Electronics will be harder to find 5%

Japanese car prices will jump 3%

Source: The Synovate eNation Internet poll was conducted April 8-12 among 1,000 nationally representative households by global market research firm Synovate.

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