No Clintonesque Diet for Larry King

The CNN gabber says he could never go on a veggie diet like Bill Clinton.

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Not that he needs to diet at 77, but former CNN gabber Larry King says he could never go on a veggie diet like former President Bill Clinton who lost several pounds before his daughter's wedding.

"I couldn't do vegan," he says. "I'm Jewish." Caught by a Washington Times video reporter at the Larry King Cardiac Foundation dinner this month, King explained that it would upset his mom.

"What, are you kidding? If I came home to my mother and said, 'Listen, Mom, from now on only vegetables,' she would go, "Only vegetables? That's what he wants? Only vegetables?"

In the interview, King appears with his wife Shawn. The two announced plans to divorce last year but reconciled. Near the of the video, King endorses the first lady's bid to fight childhood obesity, though notes that his own kids often "eat the wrong things"

Shawn King quickly adds that when with her, the kids do eat well, prompting a quick retort from Larry: "Oh, Miss Perfect!"

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