Eric Cantor’s Hot Daily GOP Newsletter

Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s newsletter is a Capitol Hill hit.

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The House Republicans’ choice of Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor as their majority leader has spawned what many say is arguably the best Capitol Hill read. The “Leader’s Ledger” arrives via E-mail every day with the GOP’s main message, news clips, and historical fun facts that have become addictive to many. Like: Barbie was born March 9, 1959; and March 18, 1893, former Governor General Lord Stanley pledged to donate a silver challenge cup, later named for him, to the best hockey team in Canada. Editor Brian Patrick, who arrives at 6:30 a.m. to write the newsletter, says his plan is to dish out GOP red meat with a side of dessert. Of the fun stuff, he says, “It’s something different. It’s a part of American culture that, no matter what side of the political fence you sit on, it’s something you can relate to.”

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