Obama's Chief Government Manager Lives in a 'Zoo'

OMB official Jeff Zients says he and his wife and their four children share their home with several animals.

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After two decades of business experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and management consultant, Jeff Zients, deputy director for management and chief performance officer in the White House's Office of Management and Budget, knows how to run a tight ship. And he better. Zients is now one of the government's top organizers, tasked with making the vast and bureaucratic federal government as productive and efficient as it can be.

Yet, even Zients can't always be on his game.

Speaking to a group at the Brookings Institution this morning, Zients shed his day-job persona and admitted that, at home, where he and his wife, Mary, raise their four kids, things often get a little wild. He says that along with his kids and wife, Zients shares his home with three dogs, one bird, three chinchillas, and a handful of fish. "If you were to stop by my house this morning for breakfast, you'd probably feel like you were entering a zoo with no zookeeper," he said. "You'd have some serious reservations about my role as chief performance officer."

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